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look at the names of the luigi one 

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sentimental-slop asked: In relation to your last post, what changes do you think Pope Francis is making? Or what changes do you suspect he will make?



Pope Francis is managing the Holy See, his Vatican administration, and even his conduct as a Sovereign head of state, as if he’s still the humble bishop from Argentina. This has involved removing much of the protocol and etiquette surrounding the behavior of the pope, his residence, and his mode of communicating with people. He is closer and more accessible to people, but he has caused many security risks. If ever there is a chance that a pope will be successfully assassinated, it is the case with this pope.

However, this is not technically a “change.” You see, Francis is simply behaving the way he has always behaved. He has not really changed at all. He has simply switched location from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Rome. And he gave fair warning that at his age, it would be very weird and uncomfortable to start acting a different way.

Secondly, his teaching and preaching style is to avoid having prepared texts, written by the trained theologians in Rome who usually research and write all the sermons and speeches of the popes. That means his teaching office is far more casual and spontaneous than previous popes. Some make the mistake of saying this is a “stupid” pope as opposed to the “wise scholars” who have occupied the office. But Francis is extremely educated—he just chooses not to teach in an “educated” style because he is trying to reach a much wider swath of people.

Finally, Pope Francis wants Catholic bishops who are faithful to Catholic doctrine. He has bristled and chaffed at the suggestion that he is a liberal who will depart from Catholic orthodoxy. When a reporter once asked for his “personal opinions” on Church doctrine, he almost snapped back and said, “my positions are THOSE OF THE CHURCH. I am a son of the Church!” On the other hand, Francis wants bishops and leaders who avoid theological fights and confrontations in favor of giving witness with lifestyle changes.

He is uncomfortable with the “Country Club Catholic Clergy” who go out for their golfing, shop and buy clothes at gentlemen retailers, eat out at restaurants where there is Chef Ramsey food and choice wine, and sit around discussing subjects based on their Ph.D’s and then attend an event later at the Opera House which shows high culture and refined knowledge of the arts.

And let’s be very, very clear about something. Pope Francis does not hesitate to give the smack down to very liberal clergy as well as ultra traditionalist clergy as well. You see, there are plenty of social justice warrior priests and nuns who, behind the scenes, are into fashionable clothes, fine dining, and high society fund raisers at the local museum. Or they want to change your life and my life, but not necessarily change their lives and their attitudes. 

I’m talking about the Jesuit priest who shows up to give a talk on the outdated structures of Church authority and power, and proposing new images of social justice warrior liberation theology, while wearing $700 leather Italian shoes, and a pant and tweed jacket combo, with fine belt, watch, and electronic phone that would be a combined $2,000 in costs. 

Pope Francis is no less amused at the “creature comforts” of the liberal left as he is with those of the conservative right.

He really wants bishops, priests, and sisters to stop making a big deal about which ideology or clique they are following in the Church and to reach out to one another with patience and compassion, while being faithful to ALL OF Catholic Tradition. Yes, he is a man of Tradition, in doctrine and in morals. However, he despises endless arguments on who is “checking their privilege” and who is not. 

This is my guess. If he were to get on the internet, in other words, the number one site Francis would positively despise is Tumblr. Lots of preaching at each other and very little to show for it, by making changes in real life, outside of virtual reality, to be poor, humble, and generous.

Pope Francis would tell us all to “shut the hell up”, turn off the damn computers, and just get out there and serve people with fairness and charity. Oh, and he would tell people he does not have time to listen to why they are all triggered and in panic mode over the latest thing that got them offended. That goes for liberals and conservatives.

The pope wants all the members of the Church to change each other for the better, but not by debate, and winning arguments, but rather by forceful witness. He is not afraid to call BS on anybody, of whatever thinking, and that makes him an uncomfortable catalyst of change because no pope has leveled such sweeping criticism at the “business as usual” mode of living out the Catholic Faith. God bless and take care, Fr. Angel


This is my favorite thing ever. 

What a cool dude. :]

St. Therese Novena Day 1


Dearest Saint Therese of Lisieux, you said that you would spend your time in heaven doing good on earth.

Your trust in God was complete. Pray that He may increase my trust in His goodness and mercy as I ask for the following petitions…

(State your intentions)

Pray for me that I, like you, may…

I’m gonna pray, and sing, and hope; I’m gonna weep, and beg, and moan; I’m gonna fight, and struggle, and doubt. But in the end, I’m gonna be His and He is gonna be mine. For my life is not my own, but the product of a God who breathed life into dust and said “Follow Me, out into the storm.”

—T.B. LaBerge // Go Now (via tblaberge)

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It’s not up to you to choose whether or not you have a vocation. It’s God who chooses!

—Pope Francis in his visit to Korea (August 2014)

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Stop worrying about how you feel.

You lied, you cheated, you lusted, you gorged. You snapped, you hated, you cussed, you masturbated. You killed, you manipulated, you rejected or ignored.

You sinned.

God doesn’t want just half of your heart. God doesn’t want you to talk to Him only when you’re in the mood to do so. God wants all of you. He wants you when you’re sinless and when you’re sinful. He wants you on the days when you’re strong and on the days when you relapse. He doesn’t want just your beautiful parts, He wants everything.

Stop staying excuses. Stop listening to the devil. Stop thinking you can’t “go to God” because you feel you’re too unclean, ugly, or dirty. Stop worrying about how you feel because it’s not about you. Run to Him, even if you’d rather be dormant. Go to Him even if you’d rather hide in your guilt.

Ignore your laziness, embarrassment, and shame and go spend some time with the One who died for every dirty thing you think keeps Him away.

—have you read your bible today? - c.h. (via heldinhishands)

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Instead of asking yourself “What would Jesus do?,” start asking yourself “What is Jesus doing?”

Jesus is alive and the Holy Spirit lives inside of us. Too often we consider Jesus as a past memory instead of a present reality.

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rachelmckenziek said: Boys are confusing. I feel ya girl

Ugh yes they are. Why

Oh, you think boys are confusing? You should try pursuing a girl! They take to a whole different level! They even beat Confucius in being confusing!

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One reason that people have artist’s block is that they do not respect the law of dormancy in nature. Trees don’t produce fruit all year long, constantly. They have a point where they go dormant. And when you are in a dormant period creatively, if you can arrange your life to do the technical tasks that don’t take creativity, you are essentially preparing for the spring when it will all blossom again.

—Marshall Vandruff, one of the best teachers I have ever had, on artist’s block. Said during a webinar done on Visualarium to advertise his upcoming online course on animal anatomy (source links to webinar)  (via pale-afternoon)

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I’m in love with God and God’s in love with me. This is who I am and this is who i’ll be and that settles it.

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Could everyone (who is willing) please post their favorite crucifixion images (reply/reblog with image or link)?


I’m just having a hard time right now and it is the only thing I want to focus on right now.

Thank you so very much.

Is not a crucifixion, but its one of my favorite images!